Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cooking the perfect brisket - Louie Mueller style

Several of the posse members, including me, have purchased smokers in the past month. We're trying to get as good at smoking meat as we are at eating it, with mixed results so far. The pork butt is pretty easy to get right, but the flawless brisket is another story.

Original posse member Gary Barber passed along the link to a great new web video today, where Wayne Mueller shows how to cook the perfect brisket. We met Wayne during our Central Texas BBQ Tour last November, pictured above. He's the co-owner of legendary Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, started by his grandfather in 1949.

Wayne shares his tips with Andrea Valdez of Texas Monthly in a recently-released web video, titled "How to smoke the perfect brisket." It's 13 minutes long and worth every minute of viewing.

Some basic tips from Wayne, as we search for the ultimate technique:

"The less skill, the more fat."

"Never flip a brisket"

"Be quite liberal with your rub."

I can't wait to fire up the smoker again in the early morning this weekend, forever in search of smoking the perfect brisket.

(Photo by Gary Barber)


  1. It has to be painful for Marshall, the purist, to watch them apply that rub.

  2. Oh no, it looks like G Man is hiding his lunch. Has he moved from his usual BBQ spread and gone lite with a vegetable plate?

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