Thursday, February 3, 2011

See the photos: First trip (of many) to Lockhart Smokehouse

After waiting several months for Lockhart Smokehouse's opening day, the Posse made its way across the ice-packed Houston Street viaduct today for lunch in the OC. We were not disappointed.

Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper, his son Mark & I sampled the meat spread shown above. We ordered brisket, shoulder clod, a pork chop and Kreuz jalapeno sausage. Jim Rossman and Gary Barber joined in on the meatfest as well. There was nothing left but grease-soaked butcher paper when we were done.

It was their second day of business, unfortunately we were too jammed at work to get away on opening day. BBQ snob Daniel Vaughn writes a great account of day one on the corner of Bishop and Davis in Oak Cliff.

Our advice to you and your crew is come early. When we arrived a little before 11:30am, the line wasn't very long yet. One hour later the line was stretching all the way back into the dining room. However, pitmaster Tim McLaughlin was manning the counter with three other guys and the service was fast and friendly.

We were very impressed with our first visit to Lockhart Smokehouse. While not perfect yet, the taste, tenderness and smoke were really good on everything we tried. We can't wait to watch as owner Jeff Bergus and Tim take this place to the top of DFW BBQ greatness.

Lockhart Smokehouse, 400 W. Davis, Dallas, 214-944-5521. Open every day from 11am till they're done!

Photos by Chris Wilkins


  1. Hoping my doctor doesn't see the lunch spread ....

  2. That comment wouldn't happen to be from a certain backyard pitmaster, would it????

  3. What all's in those deviled eggs? They look curious yet good. :)

  4. The "Today's Deviled Eggs" are a trip. They are filled with an egg & meat filling and put in the smoker for 15 or 20 minutes to add a little smoke. I loved them but one of my coworkers took one sniff and ran the other way!

  5. I am so glad LS is close to my home in Dallas. But, golly, the prices are too expensive for simple, common man food. But, the food is great relative to what my choices in DFW area. What's going to kill it are the prices and the non-inviting nature of its location in Oak Cliff. LS is just not a hang out kind of place where people can easily get to for a beer and BBQ on the way home from work, playing golf, etc. Good luck though LS! I'm pulling for ya! I spent well into the 3 figures bringing a bit of everything home to feed an army at my house for the Super Bowl. The food was a hit with my BBQ-loving friends and just thought so-so by those at the party who aren't into BBQ like I am. I didn't realize how much the toality of the experience of "earning" Kreuz Market BBQ meant to me until I obtained similar fare without driving to Lockhart for it. I prefer the entire experience. For being served BBQ from Dallas "tatted up" hipsters is much different when served by Central-Texas folks. Now, please, do something about charging $5.25 for one link of sausage when all I have to do is order it online from Kreuz at $1.80 per link plus shipping.

  6. PERFECT BBQ place for Dallas.

    Gravy train the name, hire a "chef" to cook the meat and charge folks $5.00 for the privilege of eating warmed up Kreuz sausage that you can buy from Kreuz at $1.60.

    The no forks deal is really funny too. If your so "true to Kreuz tradition" why are you selling sides at all?

    And nice photo above of the "rare" shoulder clod, that's EXACTLY how it's supposed to be cooked.

  7. I've said this on FCG-BBQ -- Lockhart Smokehouse is going to have to revisit their price structure. $15 / lb for brisket is ridiculous, not to mention the sausage price. And as someone pointed out above, I can online order the same exact sausage for less.

    BBQ is the food of the people - its origin is the slow smoking of "undesirable meat" until it's tender. It should be priced accordingly. Can't wait to give it a try, but if I have to pay 25% more than Meschaks, Pecan Lodge, then the food better be miles better.

  8. Actually, If you order off the Kreuz website for Sausage (10) with 2 day Fed-Ex Shipping. It comes to 5.98 per link with out tax.

  9. Yeah, but if you do what I did, gather friends and family and order 75. Comes out to $1.89 a link, including TT&L.

  10. I have yet to stand foot in that door there but after looking at the pictures (and I dont see alot of grease) I think I will stick to the original Kruez Market! I had family order alot of sausage and it cost me less than $2 per ring. If you are going to order, order big! Personally, I dont see this place here getting to flight level anytime soon but it just goes to show, you cant always be best!

  11. does all the food items on the menu have meat in them.?
    not counting the bread and crackers...

    1. They have several really good sides as well, including mac & cheese, potato salad, cole slaw & smoked deviled eggs.

  12. been eating at Lockhart location since childhood and other Texas locations also,so I know BBQ.New Lockhart Smokehouse also knows BBQ,but I have only two complaints and they are, need bigger place and whoa the prices are outrageous.I visited this weekend to try out and was surprised at prices. I ordered anyway and food was good but drive to Lockhart from Waco TX will be a lot cheaper and I can leave Kreuz market with a box of original sausage for $40.00 just saying.