Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Look: The Slow Bone Barbeque in Dallas

All photos by Jim Rossman

It's a great day when I get to eat at a new place.

Today, Jack Perkins, owner of local burger joint Maple and Motor, opened the doors to The Slow Bone Barbeque, his new barbecue restaurant at 2234 Irving Blvd. at the base of the new Sylvan Ave. bridge near the Design District in Dallas.

Jack won the brisket competition at last year's Meat Fight and announced his plans to open Slow Bone late last year.

Well, today was the day.

I was tenth in line when the doors opened this morning and the line remained steady for the duration of my lunch.

Jack came out to open the doors and welcome everyone.

My penalty for eating early today was I missed out on a few of the meats that weren't ready just yet.
I got a three-meat plate of brisket, baby back ribs and chicken.

Sides looked great and the plates come with two, so I chose a green bean casserole with very fresh green beans and a cauliflower and brussel sprout casserole.

Bread choices included hushpuppies, which I love, and sauce was served on the side.

Jack told me they'll never sauce the meat at Slow Bone and he was dead serious.

There is also a special thin spicy sauce was a tangy-vinegary treat.

The spicy sauce was located at a small bar that included sweet pickles, chow chow and purple onions.
Drinks were of the Dublin variety.

I was quite pleased with lunch, but I'll wait on the thoughts of the rest of the Posse and a few more visits before start to think about where Slow Bone ranks.

Jack was nice enough to take me around to see Miss Jessie, his huge Oyler pit.

Service was cafeteria style and the food is served on old school cafeteria trays, which is a great touch.
More on this place in the coming weeks.

The Slow Bone Barbeque, 2234 Irving Blvd., Dallas, 214-377-7727. Open daily 11am-3pm.


  1. Shouldn't Jack have a hair net while serving food with that long of hair? ;-)

  2. Well we will give it a try today and see if it meets up to the expectations.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Sweet Potato Casserole! brussel sprout/cauliflower Casserole! Yep!

    Oh yeh and the BBQ! Brisket was too good... Ribs very yummy!

    Went today and quickly went to top of my BBQ list!

  4. 1st time there and a line out the door by 11.30...Best Brisket I've had in a long time, gives Pecan Lodge a run for their money for sure...Dont miss the House Sausage either!

  5. Surprised no one's mentioned the prices, which are sky-high. $17 and some change for a two-meat plate (with very little meat) and tea is too much.

  6. i had the 2 meat plate first the price 17 dollars is too high. the sliced beef was undercooked with too much fat, the ribs too hard but the rub was good. they did not have potatoe salad. who eats hushpuppies with bbq. the salads were ok and the sause was ok. I will not eat at this establisment again,

  7. $17 for a BBQ plate? Seriously??? And it looks like a LOT of fat on that meat. No thanks.

  8. When I saw the price, I left and went to Mike Anderson's BBQ on Harry Hines at Inwood-damn good food!

  9. brisket is bitter, rib are good,chicken is good sausages are so so! Side very good, prices are absolutly outrageous, no parking,
    Cutter was extremely rude last time I was there! just another Central Texas Wannabe!

  10. The brisket is ok. The sauce is horrible. Sides are not that good, except the squash. Pricey! The owner is rude. Will not go back again.