Thursday, October 31, 2013

After Blues, Bandits & BBQ IV, the Posse salutes its sales team and bribery on a crostini

Bryan Gooding & R.J. Hinkle set up for the Blues, Bandits & BBQ cook off.  Photo by Chris Wilkins

A barbecue competition team operates pretty much like a typical manufacturing company.

That comparison became clear after the Posse competed in the fourth annual Blues, Bandits and BBQ cook off in Oak Cliff this past weekend.

We had our production staff, the guys who actually cooked the meat, working around the clock. We had distribution staff, the meat cutters and runners who made sure contest entries got to the judges on time and food samples got to our serving table.

And we had our sales staff, the hard-working servers who weren't bashful about touting the special creations that we gave out along with our regular barbecue to try to win the People's Choice award, voted by festival goers.